Professional Tree Service throughout Western Washington

If you need tree work or have trees you are concerned about, call and ask about our Free Tree Evaluation by our ISA Certified Arborist

Locally Owned and Operated

We pride ourselves on affordable, competitively priced quality tree services and offer our customers the attention to detail larger companies often overlook. If you need tree work, have trees you are concerned about, or just want to know the overall health of your trees, contact us for a free estimate.

Certified Arborist

Heritage Tree Care is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture. All work performed is done to exacting ISA and ANSI standards and under the guidance and leadership of and ISA Certified Arborist and Master Climber.

24 Hour Emergency Response

We’re here when you need us. Because bad weather doesn’t just occur during regular business hours, our 24-Hour Emergency Response Team is ready to respond. Call us 24 hours at (206) 465-3987.

Certified Arborist

Heritage Tree Care is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture. We carefully craft a plan to ensure there long term health as a valued asset to your property and community.

Our Services

Tree Pruning

Our tree service and arborists are skilled at making sound decisions when selectively removing branches during the thinning of your trees.

View Enhancement

This is the process of pruning by selectively removing branches from your trees for view enhancement while maintaining the overall health and growth structure of the tree.[/content_box]

Hazard Tree Removal

Through the use of crane or advanced rope and rigging techniques we’re able to bring down excessively large or defective trees close to your home or valued property.[/content_box]

End Weight Reduction

Our highly skilled climbers select the necessary limbs to dramatically reduce the end weight to effectively end the loss of large limbs.[/content_box]

Windsail Reduction

During our Northwest winters your tall conifers act a large sails high above your home. We have pioneered a method for reducing the windsheer while enhancing the lower beauty of your conifers.

Deadwood Removal

Reduce the chance of property damage due to the shedding of large dead limbs that is common in fir, hemlock and pine trees.

Structural Thinning

Our certified arborists excise defective limbs and encourage a strong healthy branching habit of both young and aging deciduous and ornamental trees.

Crown Thinning

Heritage Tree Care offers upper crown thinning of large conifers near structures and property to enable thorough canopy inspection.

Customer Reviews

“As a garden artist and expert, I know Eli has a way with Maples. He is a true tree artist. ”


We felt Eli was very knowledgeable and we were pleased with the work. In fact, we are thinking it’s time to give Eli a call to look at our cherries again.
Liz C.
We were very satisfied with the work. They did it quickly and safely and they were careful around the important stuff. We would recommend Eli to our neighbors definitely.
Phan H.
I was impressed with how cool and calm Eli was when the Wisteria we wisely removed presented a challenge with the chipper… it all turned out fine though and they did a good job.
Bill B.